Proposed amendments to the public tender rules in Qatar

With the recent announcement that the Shura (Advisory) Council in the State of Qatar voted in favor of revoking the law governing the public tender process, what changes are we likely to see?


  • The changes are expected to provide more clarity to the public procurement process through the development of uniform guidelines.
  • Changes to streamline and standardise the public procurement process in Qatar.
  • Each ministry to establish its own tender committee.
  • Priority will be given local and national products followed by the products from the Gulf countries.
  • Cancelled tenders, the tender bonds will be returned within 7 days to bidders.  Likewise, upon the award of a tender, tender bonds will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders within 7 days.
  • The Shura Council supports non-competition between public and private companies for  tenders and auctions.

Overall it looks like positive changes are ahead, decentralized procurement process and improved framework.

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